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The benefits of using stainless steel and titanium.

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With over 1000 Ophthalmic instruments in the INKA™ Surgical range, this product focus looks at a particular range of forceps used for eye surgery.

INKA™ Surgical stock a wide range of products in this area - including both titanium and stainless steel tools. Each material has its own benefits depending on the usage of the particular tool;

The benefits of Titanium - 

  • Non magnetic
  • Lightweight
  • No rust

So for example, titanium is ideal for items like needle holders or forceps.

The benefits of Stainless Steel - 

  • Cheaper than titanium
  • Is a stronger material

In this case stainless steel is ideal for items like scissors - the stronger material provides a better cutting edge. Another example is using stainless steel for something like capsulorhexis forceps - the angled shanks on titanium forceps are more prone to bending out of alignment than their stainless steel counterparts. 


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