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INKA™ Surgical are pleased to introduce the BISON Laparoscopic Bipolar range from Sutter, Germany.

The number of laparoscopic interventions is on the rise. The advantage of the method is both in reducing convalescence time and achieving desirable cosmetic results. It is very important for the surgeon to have instruments available that facilitate safe and effective operations.
The range is of the highest quality and boasts stable design. The Sutter BISON bipolar laparoscopic forceps range is easy to use and reliable.

We recommend using Bison in conjunction with the Sutter Curis RF Unit for optimal surgical performance.

There are a number of advantages to using this instrument, including;

  • No changing of instruments
  • No fog, little smoke
  • Ergonomic metal handle, electrically fully insulated
  • Storage and sterilisation rack available
  • Autoclavable

Click through below to see the whole range - the Sutter Bison catalogue is the correct choice -


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