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1. Contact us

You can contact us by phone 1800 756 757 or send us an email.

2. We cross-match for you

Send your instrument/tray lists with product descriptions or product codes (any brand)

Let us cross match for you - we are the experts and we are fast

example order list
Example Tray List

3. We send you a quotation

Our quotes include:

  • Part number & Description
  • RA Certificate & GTIN numbers
  • Your unit price
  • Current stock levels Perth
  • ETA for any out of stock items

Images, Certificates and IFU's can be included on request - Quotations can be customised to suit your needs

Quotations are completed within 24 hours - please contact us if you do not receive your quotation within 24 hours

example order list
Example Quote

4. Issue your purchase order(s)

You can send your orders via:

Please include your quotation number(s) with your purchase order(s).

Orders are processed within 48 hours of receipt.

medical instruments shelfs

5. Confirmations

  • Purchase order receipt is confirmed
  • Purchaser & Quote requestor are advised of order dispatch
  • Purchaser & Quote requestor are advised of back order items and lead time
  • Purchaser & Quote requestor receive regular updates on backorder progression


INKA Ordering Presentation
Ordering With Us

Ordering with us presentation

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